Function Information, Rules and Regulations


Rental fee for non-member: $400 (inside OR outside); $600 (inside AND outside); plus $50 security deposit.

Rental fee for member: $200 (inside OR outside); $300 (inside AND outside)

Number of chairs available for use: Inside: 120; Outside: 45 mismatched

Number of tables available for use: Inside:   18; Outside: 7 sm glass, 5 sm white, 5 picnic, 3-6’ banquet tables, 10-5’ round

Size of Tables: Inside: 5 foot round; Outside: various             


  1. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required in order to book the hall, balance is due on or before the function.  Deposit will not be refunded if event is cancelled for any reason.
  2. An additional $50.00 security deposit is required on the day of the event.  The deposit will be returned to the renter as long as the rental space is cleaned of all decorations, trash is removed and, if applicable, outdoor tables, chairs and umbrellas are returned to storage area.
  3. There is a $50 fee if the bar sales do not exceed $200.
  4. Renter is responsible for setup, breakdown and storage of all outdoor tables, chairs and umbrellas.
  5. No beverages, other than tea, coffee and juice boxes, can be brought onto the premises.
  6. No centerpiece candles, confetti, tape or tacks of any kind are allowed.
  7. All decorations must be removed immediately after the function, and trash must be emptied and put into dumpster on premises.
  8. Function area is available 1 hour prior to event to decorate; and not before 12:00 noon without prior authorization from house committee.
  9. There is no use of the kitchen for cooking or warming.
  10. If the function is catered, the caterer must remove their equipment by 12 noon the following day.
  11. If booking by a Legion member, the member must be present at the function.
  12. The person booking the hall is responsible for any damages occurred at the function.
  13. No under 21-year-old functions will be booked for Friday or Saturday nights.
  14. Absolutely no alcohol served to minors.  Any person caught buying or providing alcohol to a minor will be evicted.  The management reserves the right to evict any underage person possessing alcohol.
  15. The management reserves the right to limit the serving of shots or multi-liquor drinks, and, if necessary, can close the hall due to excessive drunkenness or unruly behavior.
  16. No alcohol is to be removed from the premises at any time.
  17. No function is allowed to go past 12:00 midnight.
  18. A police detail and a minimum of 2 porta-poties are required if attendance at event is over 200.  The American Legion will arrange for these services, with balance due to be paid on or before function date.  In addition, parking attendants are required and will be provided by the American Legion for $50, also due on or before function date.